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As a familia, we have our share of professional and social events to grow within networks and communities. Here is a small taste of what our familia does.

SHPE'd Abroad!

SHPE'd Abroad consists of a group of SHPE members traveling to a city in South or Central America to make a difference. The activties vary from constructing liveable houses to slinging in the outskirts of a volcano and getting to know the culture! This is one of our greatest events and needs planning ahead of time. For information, please ask any board member about availability!

Salsa con Salsa!

Incredible social event where the SHPE familia comes together to both eat and learn salsa! Taught by our one and only, professional teacher and dancer, Andres! As a bonus, you can come too and learn some bachata!

Company Presentations


Here at the University of Michigan, it is not uncommon to see such amazing work being done in collaboration with incredible companies. Our chapter seeks to grow the professional network for both the company and the student. With these presentations, we seek to inform students of the grand opportunities with companies, as well as expose our talented members to these same companies.

SHPE National Conference

Take part in our biggest event in the nation! Our SHPE National Conference is a grand event where all the chapters in the nation get together for a series of days filled with networking and profesional events. Additionally, there are competitions where you can be a part of, as well as an awards ceremony.

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