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At the University of Michigan, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) has continued to show support for the Hispanic community by providing resources to assist members during their college career. Such resources include workshops and general body meetings, where various companies speak about career opportunities, provide resume and interviewing skills workshops, and provide students with a better understanding of the opportunities that come with being an engineer. Our chapter has triples in size since since Fall 2010, and we have now set the goal to further expand the membership by Winter 2018. We not only develop as a community within the university, but also try to expand as a “familia.”


The core executive board are elected by the general membership through a democratic election process every year. The core is at the highest level in the structural hierarchy of the executive board. The president overlooks all the core members and the chairs. The remaining core members overlook a subset of the chairs.

You can contact the executive board at shpe.eboard@umich.edu

Nancy Hernandez
Martin Grosman
VP External
Sergio Ramirez Sabogal
Jocelyn Ortiz
VP Internal
Fernando Hernandez

Chair Positions

Yazmin Hernandez
Media Team Chair

Yazmin is a junior in Biomedical Engineering from Chicago, IL. She has participated in the SHPE'd Abroad trip to Guatemala. Besides SHPE, she is a research assistant for the Biointerfaces Institute - Lahann Lab. 

Anthony Salmeron
Professional Chair

Anthony Salmeron is currently a third-year senior majoring in biomedical engineering and holds the position of professional chair on SHPE UM’s Board. He is originally from Washington DC but grew up in Columbus, Ohio. Anthony’s bravery and courage is quite evident in his willingness to venture from Buckeye country to Ann Arbor. He stands by his decision and is admimant attending UM was one of the best decisions of his life. He thanks SHPE for allowing him to find a familia who share common roots setting everyone up for a trajectory towards success. He hopes to leave this university, this familia, and all the people he touches better than he found them.

Lucas Baioni 
Professional Chair

Lucas is a junior studying chemical engineering. This is his second year with SHPE, and after his experiences last year wanted to contribute to the chapter as a Professional Chair. Beyond his classroom and SHPE responsibilities, he also is a member of the stability team on Michigan Hyperloop, where he is currently transitioning from a design role into an analysis position. He also enjoys taking time to work out and listen to music. This past summer, Lucas interned at Accenture. You can get in touch with him via email (baionil@umich.edu) or phone (571-533-7089).

Steven Magallon
Outreach Chair

Steven Magallon is a Senior studying Mechanical Engineering. He has been with SHPE for 3 years and is currently the outreach chair. Outside of class he plays for the Club Soccer team and enjoys working out. For the past two summers Steven has interned for Cummins and after graduation he hopes to work in the state of Michigan. You can reach him at smagall@umich.edu with any questions.

Letty Loeza
Media Team Chair

Letty is a senior studying Environmental Engineering and minoring in Energy Science and Policy, with a certificate in Sustainable Engineering. She is from Chicago, IL with family from Michoacán, MX. She has been a part of SHPE since 2017, and has gone on the SHPE'd Abroad trip to Guatemala. Besides SHPE, she is also a part of Pantanal Partnership and oSTEM, and works for the School of Social Work as AV Media Assistant. This past summer, she worked as a research intern for the South African National Space Agency in Hermanus, SA. She hopes to move into Environmental and Urban Planning, with a focus on energy justice and social equity. In her free time, she enjoys playing video games and watching telenovelas. You can contact her at lettyl@umich.edu

Hiram Rodriguez
LeaderSHPE Chair

Hiram Rodriguez is a sophomore planning to transfer to the School of Information to study UX Design with a minor in Entrepreneurship and Digital Studies. He’s from Chicago, Illinois with roots in Morelos, Mexico. He joined SHPE his freshman and participated in LeaderSHPE. He later became the LeaderSHPE Chair his sophomore year. Outside of SHPE, he is also a brother of Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity, Inc. During his free time he enjoys playing video games and hanging out with his friends.

Gustavo Cordero
Academic Chair

Gus is a Senior in Mechanical Engineering. He’s originally from the near west side of Chicago. He’s been a member of SHPE since late sophomore year, and he went to SHPE National Conference in 2018. He is this year’s Academic Chair for our SHPE chapter working alongside Jocelyn Ortiz in providing recurring and new academic support events for our members. Aside from SHPE, Gus has done past research in Environmental Justice with the School of Energy and Sustainability focusing on mapping the solar potential in low to median income households in the Chicago area. In his spare time, Gus enjoys playing with his roommate’s cat, Rosie, as well playing the turn based strategy game: Sid Meier's Civilization V & VI. To contact Gus with any questions regarding SHPE, school, or social events feel free to email him at gcordero@umich.edu

Monica de Silva
Fundraising Chair

Monica is a junior studying Chemical Engineering. She participated in the SHPE's Abroad trip to Guatemala during the summer of 2019. Besides SHPE, she is a part of Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) and a research assistant in the Nagrath Laboratory.

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